Monday, 16 November 2015

How to hold a cricket bat

Professional cricketers or everyone who love cricket and want to play cricket at high level should know the perfect way to grip or hold the cricket bat.

You will learn easily about the real grip through the pics and  throgh your self realisation.

Five things you need to notice before taking your grip....

1)Your 1st hand which is touching the bat's blade which is also called  top hand should be comfortably supporting the handle of the bat with slow force
2)Don't pick the bat with your  top hand tight,stay it loose so that all parts of your hand should be touching whole face of the handle comfortably.
3)The 2nd hand which is below the top hand situated at the end of the handle
also called bottom hand should be tightly held by you.
4)All the cricketing shots is played only from the bottom hand that's why it is kept tight,the top hand is only for supporting the shots.
5)Make a little gap between both hand of two fingers for good pickup.

These are the few examples of how professionals are picking the bat..

Some beginner players start get confused by looking these pics also
So I am here to make you confusion free.

The main pics and advance concept of taking grip...

1)Top hand should be relaxed and the middle of the 1st and 2nd finger should make 'V' shape  whose focus or center  should be going through the center of the bat as shown below..

2)Bottom hand should be tightly held by you with 1st and 2nd finger  middle part again pointing towards the middle of the cricket bat as shown in pic

This way you have learned the best way to grip the bat for playing all types of shot.

Note-:proper grip is essential because by gripping like this only you can play any shots without any lockage.

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